MasterTop 1273 industrial epoxy based flooring system

What is MasterTop 1273 and where to use it

MasterTop 1273 is a pigmented, seamless, smooth floor system based on advanced non-solvented epoxy resin for heavy duty industrial areas.
Moreover two other variants complete this flooring systems family. Thus if anti-slip properties are required to suit differing service conditions and cleaning requirements, MasterTop 1273 R can be applied.
For light to medium load bearing surfaces, the economical epoxy system MasterTop 1273 E will fulfill your requirement.
The product is ideal for floors in:

  • General production and packaging areas
  • Industrial and commercial kitchens and catering facilities
  • Wet processing and production areas
  • Office and commercial buildings

Epoxy floor coatings for heavy duty industrial surfaces

MasterTop 1273 is recommended for industrial floors where mechanical abrasion and chemical spillage could be the cause of floor damage.

Benefits of MasterTop 1273 industrial epoxy based flooring system


  • The high chemical, abrasion and impact resistance of MasterTop 1273 allows to withstand chemical and mechanical attack and to reduce the maintenance cost.
  • Easy to apply and has been certified as low emission flooring system according to the German scheme AgBB. Thus it prevents health hazards caused by volatile organic compounds emanating from flooring.
  • The slip resistant variant MasterTop 1273 R allows working in safe areas and the impervious, seamless and jointless surface to be maintained in a hygienic state.
  • For areas with less stress, the economical variant MasterTop 1273 E can be chosen and complete the range of industrial epoxy flooring systems.

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Product Manager

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MasterTop 1273 Declaration of Performance

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