MasterTop 1325 a seamless, decorative and comfort floor

What is and where to use MasterTop 1325 series?

MasterTop 1325 is a crack bridging, noise deadening and sound absorbing, decorative and comfort polyurethane system, smooth, matt or satin matt, low emission 

Many of the advantages of MasterTop 1325 flooring systems series arise from their application in liquid form. These are easy to- use products allowing fast processing and convincingly short installation times. The high versatility of these flooring systems is connected with their multi-layer configuration. 

MasterTop 1325 series is combining an attractive appearance with functionality and economy, lay the ideal foundation!

MasterTop 1325 series - for, crack bridging, noise deadening and sound absorbing, decorative and comfort, bacteriostatic and slip resistant, quality indoor floors where a large degree of comfort and high hygienic standards are required: for example offices, exhibitions and fair grounds, cafeterias, restaurants, schools, health and care facilities, hospitals, etc. 

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterTop 1325 series?

In hotels, restaurants, commercial establishments and shops, offices, schools or health and care facilities, the customer is the top priority. A well-designed interior is essential because a pleasant, inviting atmosphere is a key to success. An attractive environment also helps to create a positive and productive working atmosphere in offices and administrative buildings. 

In public areas, high durability and cleanliness requirements pose special challenges.  MasterTop 1325 flooring systems series can withstand daily access by the general public and remain attractive in the long term. MasterTop 1325 surface is homogeneous and seamless apart from expansion joints. They are therefore easy to clean and thus involve low cleaning and maintenance expenses.

Even extravagant solutions such as the use of glass beads or antibacterial additives are feasible, and give a floor an extraordinary appearance and functionality.

MasterTop 1325 flooring systems are not only attractive but also meet a variety of functional requirements including impact sound absorption, reduced footfall noise,  bacteriostatic properties according to ISO 22196:2007, and high walking comfort. 

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