MasterTop WS 200 – functional elastic wall systems


What is and where to use MasterTop WS 200?

As a specialist in seamless flooring systems, we offer tailor-made solutions for any application. We have now expanded this potential: MasterTop WS 200 provide a seamless connection to our tried and tested floor coverings, allowing walls and floors to be designed as a functional and aesthetic unit. 

MasterTop WS 200 is suitable both for new buildings and for refurbishment work in existing buildings and they can be applied on different substrates such as concrete, gypsum boards, gypsum plasters, cement based mortars

MasterTop WS 200: tailor-made solutions for seamless, holistic interior designs and whatever project you have in mind.

MasterTop WS 200 are elastic polyurethane wall systems, smooth, low emission, with a matt finish and they can be applied where crack bridging, decorative, fire resistant, bearing low, medium or heavy impacts required: for example example production areas, hospitals, warehouses and technology rooms, bathrooms, corridors, hotels.

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterTop WS 200?

Continuous surfaces create an impression of spaciousness and elegance. The design of the reception area is especially important. It creates a first impression with visitors and must provide orientation as well as impressing them with an elegant appearance.

For decorative applications, the MasterTop WS 100PU universal wall covering system is your solution of choice, offering almost unlimited design possibilities for your project. The wide variety of shapes and colors allows ideal adaptation to the floor for a holistic room design. The system consists of only two layers (primer and top coat) and can therefore also be used in existing buildings, for example in refurbishment projects.

Our MasterTop WS 200 is the right wall system to use wherever walls need to be both decorative and strong. In addition to a wide variety of design possibilities, its thick elastic coating system also offers high impact strength and reliable crack-bridging properties.

MasterTop WS 200 can be sealed using a pore-free antibacterial top coat, offering extraordinarily high resistance to bacteria, chemicals, discoloration and abrasion. In combination with MasterTop AB floor coverings, this wall system ensures a seamless protective layer on walls and floors, ideal for healthcare facilities.

Our MasterTop WS 300PU is an especially high-strength hygienic system that meets the most stringent user health requirements. The system is waterproof and easy to clean, as well as preventing mould formation that could present a health risk.

With MasterTop WS 300PU, you will have a whole range of new possibilities. A reinforcing mesh is integrated within the wall covering, ensuring that it can resist the most arduous conditions caused by moisture and temperature changes. In industrial and other highly stressed areas, the wall system ensures high levels of impact strength. The matt, ultraviolet-resistant surface allows individual designs, especially interesting for use in private bathrooms.

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MasterTop WS 200: Technical Data Sheet

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