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    Solutions for Bridges, Rail & Roads

    Bridging the gap for durable concrete constructions

    Concretebridges, highways and railroad tracks require high performanceconcreteadmixtures that provide excellent long-term resistance to cracking, shrinkage and steel corrosion from the onset.

    Increasing demands for faster construction and an extended service life creates challenges for designers and engineers as structures are exposed to traffic loads, extreme weather conditions and attack from environmental elements such as chlorides and sulphates.

    Master Builders Solutions offers the latest polymer technology for high quality, high strength and versatile concrete. Our premier technical support teams offer customized solutions by selecting the appropriate admixtures and optimized concrete mix proportions for the best balance of durability and ease of placement.

    MasterGlenium- high-range water-reducing admixtures.

    MasterLife- corrosion resistant admixtures.

    MasterSetconcrete setting-time adjusters.

    Master X-Seed - advanced concrete hardening accelerator.

    Intelligent solutions - diagnose, repair and protect

    Master Builders Solutions has a comprehensive portfolio of optimal repair and protection solutions that specifically meet the challenges faced in bridgerenovation, maintenance, preservation and new construction.

    Our product range is supported by a global community of construction experts whose expertise is built on more than 100 years of experience in the construction industry. We connect with our customers to deliver tailor-made solutions for the successful completion of bridge repair and protection projects from start to finish, keeping structures sound for years to come.

    From corrosion prevention and mitigation, to concrete repair and crack rehabilitation, products from Master Builders Solutions are formulated to re-establish the bridge's structural integrity and aesthetics. By understanding the primary cause of the damage, we work with our customers to quickly restore the bridge’s full load-bearing capacity, extending the service life and strength of the concrete and its architectural elements, for a quick return to service.

    By applying Master Builders Solutions protective coatings and superficial treatments, the deterioration of concrete decks from traffic erosion, water ingression, salts and freeze-thaw cycles can be resisted. These include high-performance water repellents and thin polymer overlays that chemically bond with the concrete to create an invisible defence shield.




    Grouting solutions that challenge movement

    Master Builders Solutions' cementitious, epoxy and polymer-basedgrouting solutions are designed for their ease of application, durability and high performance properties. Developed for segmental bridges and rail lines, these high-strength liquid grouting products deliver post-tensioning, structural stabilization and precision alignment of parts.

    Grouts that are formulated for injection and concrete bonding, anchoring and the protection of steel tendons from corrosion, provide total load bearing support for each component or segment. Highly durable, they are able to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures that include freeze-thaw cycles and marine environments.


    Ground Consolidation for Bridges, Rail & Roads

    Learn more about our Tunnelling Solutions