MasterBrace 1438 - General purpose, epoxy bonding paste

How does MasterBrace 1438 work?

MasterBrace 1438 is recommended for use as an adhesive to bond most surfaces used in general construction:

  • Pinning loose or broken tiles and masonry.
  • bonding rubber, plastics, foam
  • flexible materials onto metal, concrete and other rigid materials
  • fairing uneven or very rough surfaces
  • filling gaps, joints and voids

What makes MasterBrace 1438 a unique solution?

MasterBrace 1438 meets the customers needs for thixotropic multi-purpaose epoxy adhesive.

How can you benefit from MasterBrance 1438?

  • Non sag gel consistency - Advantage in vertical or overhead applications.
  • Bonds to damp surfaces - Avoids expensive surface preparation to achieve completely dry substrates.
  • Tough - Tenacious adhesion. Withstands impact loads.
  • Different coloured components - Visual indication of correct mixing. Avoidance of blending errors.
  • Convenient mix ratio - Easy to proportion during application. Saves time.


MasterBrace 1438 PART A SDS

pdf (120.34 Kb)

MasterBrace 1438: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (210.40 Kb)