MasterEmaco N102 CI - Cementitious trowel applied lightweight polymer modified repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

How does MasterEmaco N 102 CI work?

MasterEmaco N102 CI is a non-structural, single component, polymer modified, repair and reprofiling mortar. MasterEmaco N102 CI whenmixed with water is a mortar that contains special cements, graded sands, selected polymers to allow the mortar to be hand or trowel applied in thicknesses from 5 up to 100 mm.

Recommended uses:

  • for the non-structural repair of concrete elements like balconies edges, building facades, parapet walls, precast panels, and beam edges
  • for general, non-structural patch repairs where high build properties allowing up to 100 mm thickness in one layer are required
  • can be applied as a smoothing or levelling coat at only 5 mm thick on large vertical and overhead areas to achieve a more aesthetic finish e.g. prior to painting
  • contains active corrosion inhibitors making it suitable for aggressive environments
  • has active corrosion inhibition to prevent incipient anodes forming and to preserve the reinforcing steel in the immediate area of the patch

What makes MasterEmaco N 102 CI a unique solution?

MasterEmaco N 102 CI enables high build in vertical and overhead applications with low density for non-structural repairs.

How can you benefit from MasterEmaco N 102 CI?

  • Shrinkage compensation and corrosion inhibition - To minimise crack tendency and extend life of repair
  • Smooth, creamy, non-slump mortar - Easy to create profiles and corners without formwork
  • High build capacity - Can be applied 80 – 100mm in vertical applications or up to 70 – 80mm overhead in one layer
  • Multi-use - Reprofiling and patch repair mortar in one
  • Good strength development – Exceeding requirement of Class N102 CI of EN1504 part 3
  • Low modulus of elasticity - Able to cope with the thermal movement of the structure
  • Low chromate (Cr[VI] < 2 ppm ) – Reduces risk of skin allergies


MasterEmaco N102CI: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (209.66 Kb)