MasterEmaco S 820 - Cementitious spray applied repair mortar

How does MasterEmaco S 820 work?

MasterEmaco S 820 is a ready-to-use, cement based shotcrete mix with reduced rebound. It is specially designed for civil and mining applications using either the wet or dry shotcreting systems.

  • Repairs to the underside of bridge decks, bridge piers and beams, tunnels, drains, sea walls, and culverts.
  • Reinstating of eroded concrete in sewers prior to the application of MasterEmaco S 880
  • Tunnel linings and embankment stabilization

What makes MasterEmaco S 820 a unique solution?

MasterEmaco S 820 meets the customers needs by providing a fast installation of large scale concrete repairs with minimum wastage and extends the life of the structure.

How can you benefit from MasterEmaco S 820?

  • Factory mixedNo onsite variations
  • Easy to use – Requires only the addition of potable water for mixing or spraying
  • Economical – Reduces handling and clean-up costs and speeds up repairs
  • Versatile – Is easily sprayed using the wet mix shotcrete system or dry mix systems
  • Good working time – Over one hour at 21°C
  • Controlled shrinkage – Reduced cracking tendency


MasterEmaco S 820: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (227.09 Kb)

MasterEmaco S 820CI SDS

pdf (109.86 Kb)