MasterLife GF 300 - Expanding plasticising agent for cement based grouts, mortars and concrete

How does MasterLife GF 300 work?

MasterLife GF 300 is a dry powder type, chloride free additive designed to impart high fluidity to ordinary sand-cement grout mixes at low water cement ratio. It is shrinkage compensated in the plastic state to counter the mild plastic shrinkage normally associated with site batched grouts.

Recommended uses:

MasterLife GF 300 is recommended for use where site batched grout mixes are prefferred or necessary due to site conditions. Typical applications are:

  • Grouting of cable ducts in post tensioning work
  • Filling gaps between prefabricated wall panels
  • Underpinning work
  • Pre-packed grouting of cavities
  • Grouting of rock strata
  • Grouting for soil stabilization
  • Grouting voids difficult to access

What are the features and benefits of MasterLife GF 300?

  • Shrinkage compensated - Retains filled volume by compensating for any mild plastic shrinkage
  • Increases fluidity of the mix - Enables complete filling of even narrow voids.
  • Lowers water demand - Denser grout. Increased strength properties.


MasterLife GF 300 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (232.02 Kb)