MasterMatrix SDC 150

High performance viscosity modifying agent (VMA) for fluid concrete

How does MasterMatrix SDC 150 work?

MasterMatrix SDC 150 is an innovative product. It is an aqueous solution of a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer.
Thanks to its tailored mode of action in concrete, MasterMatrix SDC 150 imparts a level of viscosity within a mix enabling the right balance between fluidity, passing ability and resistance to segregation - apparently opposing properties - to be achieved. The balance is lacking when the fluidity of the concrete is obtained by adding water.
MasterMatrix SDC 150 is a key component to BASF's Smart Dynamic Construction concept for benefits in:

  • Economy: Savings on fines (<0.125 mm), up to 40% faster placing and up to 5 times higher placing productivity.
  • Ecology: Less fines - less CO2, and higher concrete durability.
  • Ergonomic: No vibration, no noise, low stickiness of the concrete mixture.

What is MasterMatrix SDC 150 used for?

MasterMatrix SDC 150 is optimized for use whenever an increase in mix viscosity would be advantageous, especially for SCC (Self-compacting concrete) with a low Fines content (material passing the 0.125 mm sieve).

What are the benefits of MasterMatrix SDC 150?

MasterMatrix SDC 150 offers the following benefits for the concrete industry:

  • Prevents segregation and bleeding.
  • Can be used with all types of cement.
  • Does not affect setting time.
  • Mixes are less sensitive to changes in water demand.

MasterMatrix SDC 150 consists of a water-soluble polymer which modifies the rheological properties of the mix. The polymer adjusts the viscosity of the paste to obtain the optimum stabilization. MasterMatrix SDC 150 has a dual action:

  • It maintains internal cohesion of the concrete during casting.
  • It resists segregation when the concrete has been placed.


MasterMatrix SDC 150 SDS

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MasterMatrix SDC 150: Technical Data Sheet

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