​MasterPolyheed 8861 - New generation mid-range water reducer

How does MasterPolyheed work?

MalsterPoyheed 8861 is a multi-component, non-chloride, mid-range water reducing admixture designed to improve the performance of concrete both in the pastic and hardened states. It is a versatile admixture able to produce mid-range slumps without retardation. Its formulation contains materials able to improve the conrete's rheology, strength and finishability.

What are the recommended uses of MasterPolyheed 8861?

  • All types of concrete where a non-chloride water reducing admixture is required, especially in the slump band (80-150mm)
  • Improving the performance of pumped concretem shotcrete and conventionally placed concrete
  • Ready mixed concrete using manufactured sands
  • Long-distance transporting
  • Pumped concrete
  • High workability without segregation or bleeding
  • High performance concrete for durability

Whare are the features and benefits of MasterPolyheed 8861?

  • Good dispension in mixes with high manufactured sand contents
  • High workability for longer periods
  • Lower pumping pressure with manufactured sands
  • Resistance to segregation even at high workability
  • Extended setting with longer workability
  • Reduced water content for a given workability
  • Higher ultimate strengths
  • Increased ease in finishing concrete with poor aggregates/gap graded aggregates

Chemistry and mechanism of action is what differentiates MasterPolyheed 8861 from the traditional admixtures, being a new, unique mechanism of action that greatly improves the effectiveness of cement dispension coupled with rheology improvement.