MasterPozzolith 311RD - Retarding type water reducing admixture for improving concrete

How does MasterPozzolith 311RD work?

MasterPozzolith 311RD is a ready-to-use liquid admixture for making better, more uniform concrete. It reduces the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete of a given consistency while retarding the setting time to facilitate placing and finishing.

Recommended uses:

MasterPozzolith 311RD admixture is recommended for use in all types of concrete where moderate to extended retardation of set and improved performance are required or desired such as:

  • Large pours to avoid cold joint and reduce thermal cracking
  • Long hauls of readymixed concrete
  • Hot weather concreting
  • Slipform concrete for controlled and predictable setting time
  • Precast and prestressed concretes

What are the features and benefits of MasterPozzolith 311RD?

MasterPozzolith 311RD admixture aids in the production of concrete with these special properties:

  • Mild to extended retardation - depending on dosage.
  • Reduced water content for a given consistency.
  • Improved cohesiveness and workability.
  • Better finishing characteristics
  • Plus all the basic benefits of a normal plasticiser.
  • Increased strength - compressive, flexural and bond of concrete and air content.
  • Reduced cracking and permeability - improved watertightness.
  • Greater resistance to salt water and sulphates.
  • Increased durability.


MasterPozzolith 311RD: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (191.14 Kb)