MasterRoc MP 367 Foam - Highly reactive, two component polyurea silicate injection foam

How does MasterRoc MP 367 Foam work?

MasterRoc MP 367 Foam is a two component, solvent-free polyurea silicate foam specially designed for rapid cavity filling and ground consolidation.

What are the fields of application?

  • Void and cavity filling, also to avoid water or gas accumulation
  • Consolidation of fractured rock in underground structures
  • Consolidation of rock in coal mines

What are the features and benefits of MasterRoc MP 367 Foam?

  • Very fast reacting material
  • Stable and workable foam structure
  • Does not expand its volume on contact with water
  • Shows good adhesion to wet and low fraction substrates
  • Fire resistant (According to DIN4102-B2)


MasterRoc MP 367 Foam: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (195.94 Kb)