MasterBrace Laminate - Ready to use Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer laminates

How does MasterBrace Laminate work?

  • Increase the load-bearing capacity (e.g. Structural conversion following a change in capacity load).
  • Reduce deflection to structural elements (increase in rigidity).
  • Increase fatigue resistance.
  • Limit or cover the fissuring (cracking) states (increase in durability)

What makes MasterBrace Laminate a unique solution?

MasterBrace Laminate meets the customers need by providing a factory made thin strip pultruded strip that can be used to reduce the bending moment and the load carrying capacity of the beam.

How can you benefit from MasterBrace Laminate?

  • High strength to weight ratio – provides additional strength without adding to the ‘dead load’ of a structure
  • Small profile – does not reduce overhead clearance in buildings or parking structures
  • Available in a range of cross sections – allows for cost effective design
  • Lightweight – easily applied using hand application techniques
  • Fast curing adhesive – quick installation avoiding costly downtime of structures or buildings
  • Simple installation – can be applied in situ to structures in use


MasterBrace Laminate: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (163.52 Kb)