Master Glenium ACE 8370 - Engineered high-range superplasticiser for precast application

How does MasterGlenium ACE 8370 work?

MasterGlenium ACE 8370 is an innovative polycarboxylic ether (PCE) based superplasticiser ideally suited for precast industry.


What makes MasterGlenium ACE 8370 a unique solution?

MasterGlenium ACE 8370 is differentiated from conventional superplasticisers in that it is based on a unique polycarboxylate ether polymer with long lateral chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion.

How can you benefit from MasterGlenium ACE 8370?

  • High water reduction capacity over conventional superplasticizers
  • Low permeability and high durability concrete
  • Flowability for ease of placement and compaction
  • Optimize curing cycle by shortening curing time or decreasing curing temperature
  • Eliminate energy required for placing, consolidation and curing
  • Improved surface appearance and concrete quality


MasterGlenium ACE 8370: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (423.05 Kb)