MasterProtect 1812 - Pitch extended epoxy coating to protect marine and waste water handling structures


How does MasterProtect 1812 work?

MasterProtect 1812 is a two components, solvent free, pitch extended epoxy resin system to provide a high build coating that protects concrete and metal substrates from a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Recommended uses of MasterProtect 1812

  • Sewage treatment tanks & pipelines
  • Effluent treatment tanks, drains, pipes
  • Splash zone of off -shore structures.
  • Structures exposed to sulphate attack
  • Below ground protection to concrete & metal structures

MasterProtect 1812 is not recommended for surfaces in contact with potable water and food stuffs

What makes MasterProtect 1812 a unique solution?

MasterProtect 1812 meets the needs of the customer for an economical and chemical resistant coating especially for sewage treatment industry.

How can you benefit from MasterProtect 1812?

  • Resists abrasion - suitable for contact with grit containing streams
  • Suitable for both industrial and marine environments - Resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals.
  • High film build – durable.
  • Adheres to damp surfaces – suitable for marine environments
  • Easy application – brush, roller or spray


MasterProtect 1812: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (220.12 Kb)