MasterCast 1162 - Block- admixture for improving concrete

How does MasterCast 1162 work?

MasterCast 1162 is a plasticiser liquid admixture with air entraining properties. Designed for use in no-slump concrete, it is ideally suited for factoryline concrete production such as block making.

​MasterCast 1162 assists in the manufacture of a more uniform and predictable concrete. Chloride free MasterCast 1162 may also be used in dry pack, standard and light weight concrete production.

Recommended uses:

  • Masonry block units
  • Pavers
  • Plain cement tiles
  • Cement Terrazzo tiles
  • Concrete poles & pipes
  • Cement roof tiles

What makes MasterCast 1162 a unique solution?

MasterCast 1162 is mainly for Dry or Semi dry mortars to improve cohesiveness, setting time, strength, finishes of masonary blocks, paver blocks, plasters etc.

What are the features and benefits of MasterCast 1162?

  • Less wear of moulds.
  • Improved structure.
  • Improved cohesion.
  • Reduced water absorption.
  • Increased strength.
  • Applicable for all Portland and Slag cements.
  • Reduced efflorescence

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MasterCast 1162 Technical Datasheet

pdf (140.18 Kb)