MasterSeal 937 - Single-sided sticky tape for MasterSeal 730PA HDPE

pre-applied waterproofing system


How does MasterSeal 937 work ?

MasterSeal 937 is a white or light yellow singlesided sticky, HDPE self-adhesive tape. It is designed for use in underground waterproofing termination detailing along with MasterSeal 730PA membrane system.


Recommended Uses

MasterSeal 937 is used for long edge treatment or mending as part of the MasterSeal 730PA membrane system.

MasterSeal 937 is applied to waterproofing and damp-proofing engineering’s for various underground building structures and basements.

What makes MasterSeal 937 a unique solution ?

The specially-made high density thermoplastic polyethylene (HDPE) film works as a waterproof base material. On one side the HDPE film is covered with macromolecule self-adhesive film and on the exposed surface the composite adhesive.



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MasterSeal 937 Technical Datasheet

pdf (130.33 Kb)