MasterSeal M 635 - Flexible and elastic single component polyurethane waterproofing membrane

How does MasterSeal M 635 work ?

MasterSeal M 635 is a single component, liquid applied polyurethane based, elastomeric coating for roof waterproofing.

Recommended Uses

Applicable for outdoor use

• Can be applied on concrete and cement mortar

• Waterproofing of roofs, balconies and terraces


What are the features & benefits of MasterSeal M 635 ?

  • High elasticity and flexibility

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and mortar. Fully bonded system

  • Tar free

  • Root resistant

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent crack bridging capacity even at low temperatures

  • Monolithic – no laps, welds or seams

  • High water vapor permeability - low risk of blistering

  • Resistant to standing water


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