MasterSeal M 790 - 2-component highly chemical resistant, crack-bridging Membrane based on Xolutec - Technology for waterproofing and protection of concrete structures in harsh conditions

How does MasterSeal M 790 work ?

MasterSeal M 790 is a two component crack-bridging membrane based on Xolutec - Technology providing high chemical and mechanical resistance.


Recommended Uses ? 

MasterSeal M 790 is used in waterproofing applications where a high level of chemical resistance is required.

This includes:

           • Waste water treatment plants both in the inflow and  outflow areas
           • Sewage effluent pipelines.
           • Biogas plants.
• Secondary containment.
MasterSeal M 790 can be applied on:

• Horizontal and vertical substrates.

• Internal and external areas.

• Concrete, cementitious mortar or steel substrates.

• Reinforced concrete to protect it against carbonation or  chloride induced corrosion and for protection against  chemical attack in secondary

   containment  bunds  in  chemical and petrochemical industries.

What makes MasterSeal M 790 a unique Solution ?


MasterSeal P 770 is based on Xolutec Technology which is an innovative and smart way of combining complementary chemistries. When the material is mixed on site a cross linked interpenetrating network (IPN) is formed enhancing the overall material properties. By controlling the cross-linking density, the properties of Xolutec can be adjusted depending on the product performance required, e.g. this allows the formulation of materials with varying degrees of toughness and flexibility. Xolutec is very low in volatile organic components (VOC), is quick and easy to apply with both spray and hand application depending on requirements. It cures rapidly even at low temperature, reducing application time thus enabling fast return to service and minimizing downtime. This technology is not sensitive to moisture and tolerates a wide variety of different site conditions, greatly expanding the application window and reducing the potential for delays and failures. Long maintenance cycles and lower life cycle costs significantly reduce total cost of ownership. 


 What are the features & benefits of MasterSeal M 790 ?

             •  Easy hand application by roller or trowel

             • Continuous membrane: monolithic – no laps,  welds or seams

 •  Excellent chemical resistance – including high concentrations of biogenic sulphuric acid.

 •  Waterproof and resistant to standing water.

•  Fully bonded to substrate: can be applied to a wide range of substrates with the appropriate primer.

•  Moisture tolerant: can be applied on substrates with high residual humidity.

•  High resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion:Protects concrete from rebar corrosion.

•  High tear, abrasion and impact resistance:Withstands traffic and use in areas exposed to mechanical damages.

•  Tough but flexible and crack bridging.

•  High durability and protection with reduced cracking due to embrittlement

•  Thermoset: does not soften at high temperatures.

•  Excellent adhesion on different substrates (concrete, steel).

•  Weatherproof: proven thundershower and freeze / thaw resistance, can be applied outdoors without additional top coating.

•  Does not contain solvents.

•  Can be spray-applied with selected 2-component spray machines



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