MasterSeal NP 472 -Single component, polyurethane based, elastomeric joint sealant

How does MasterSeal NP 472 work?

MasterSeal NP a single component joint sealants material based upon polyurethane resins.

Recommended Uses :

MasterSeal NP 472 has been especially formulated for

• Interior and exterior use

• Sealing for walls, and ceilings

• Sealing expansion joints in buildings and civil works

• Sealing for prefabricated concrete elements

• For use on joints with up to 25% movement


What are the Features & Benefits of MasterSeal NP 472?

• High level of elasticity (up to 25%)
• Excellent recovery capacity

• High resistance to weather and ageing

• Resistant in tropical climates

• Service temperature between -30°C and +80°C

• Does not exhibit thermoplasticity. (does not soften with heat)

• Excellent UV resistance

• Good non-sag properties, suitable for vertical surfaces and soffits

• Early resistance to rain.

• Forms a blister-free surface

• Single component, easily applied

• User friendly - Excellent extrudability/gunability


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MasterSeal NP 472 grey SDS

pdf (115.72 Kb)