MasterSeal NP 474 -Versatile, single component, elastomeric polyurethane sealant


How does MasterSeal NP 474 work?

MasterSeal NP 474 i s a single component, gungrade , elastomeric joint sealant based upon polyurethane resins.


Recommended Uses:

  •  Parking decks
  •  Warehouse,   production area floors and pavements
  •  Reservoirs
  •  Window perimeter
  •  Weatherproofing joints in curtain walls
  •  Precast parapet panels in bridges and flyovers

What makes MasterSeal NP 474 a unique solution ?

MasterSeal NP 474 is recommended for internal and external sealing of construction and expansion joints in both vertical and horizontal situations, on a variety of substrates such as concrete and metals. It is also suitable for movement joints in submerged areas.

What are the Features & Benefits of MasterSeal NP 474 ?

  • High modulus and hardness makes MasterSeal NP 474 tough and resistant to mechanical loads.

  • Excellent movement accommodation of ±25% helps maintaining moving joints airtight and watertight.

  • UV resistant- suitable for external applications.

  • Wide service temperature range –suitable for all climatic conditions.

  • Can be over painted – enables aesthetic finishing.

  • Easy extrudability –easy to apply


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MasterSeal NP 474 Technical Datasheet

pdf (198.90 Kb)