MasterSeal 505 - Ultra-rapid setting mortar to plug active water leaks in concrete and masonry

How does MasterSeal 505 work?

MasterSeal 505 is a blend of hydraulic cements, well-graded sands and additives supplied in dry powder form. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a ready-to-use, ultra-rapid setting, plugging mortar. Water flow can be stopped by mixing the MasterSeal 505 to a malleable consistency and using as a plug.

Recommended uses:

MasterSeal 505 is used:

  • For stopping active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar would be washed away and resin would not bond;
  • As a seal for construction joints or floor joints prior to basement tanking with MasterSeal;
  • For sealing cracks and construction joints in reservoirs and other water retaining structures;
  • For instant sewer connections;
  • For rapid anchoring of bolts, conduits, pipes, railings, sanitary equipment, etc.;
  • For joint filling and pointing between concrete segments in concrete and brick tunnels, sewage systems, pipes and mines.

What makes MasterSeal 505 a unique solution?

MasterSeal 505 is an easy to use ultra-rapid setting mortar which sets in typically 30 – 60 seconds to plug active water leaks in concrete and masonry

What are the features and benefits of MasterSeal 505?

  • Rapid setting – Typically 30 - 60 seconds; fast return to service
  • Easy to use – Simply add water
  • Chloride free – No risk to steel reinforcement
  • Non-toxic – Suitable for use in potable water systems
  • Premixed – Giving consistent quality and results

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MasterSeal 505 Technical Datasheet

pdf (153.02 Kb)