MasterTile 250 - High performance, chemical resistant, epoxy adhesive for bedding of tiles

How does MasterTile 250 work?

A three component epoxy resin based bedding adhesive for stone tiles, ceramic tiles, glass mosaic and acid resistant tiles, in medium and heavy duty corrosive and hygienic environments

Recommended uses:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Kitchens and catering facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Swimming pools and leisure facilities
  • Showers, Artificial water bodies and hot springs
  • Joints in Vitrified tiles
  • Heavy duty workshops, garages and services facilities
  • Bottling plants and breweries
  • Food production: meat, fish, vegetable and fruit processing, canning areas, dairies and bakeries.
  • Electrical substations and plant rooms
  • Sewerage plant & sewer lines.

What are the features and benefits of MasterTile 250?

  • Excellent resistance to most aqueous systems including sewerage, urine, salt water, dilute acid and alkali , oils and fats
  • Stain free finish
  • Crack-free and non-shrink- curing and setting without shrinking and very high adhesion to tiles and substrate.
  • Resistant to frost and weathering,- multipurpose use indoors and outdoor.
  • Good Workability - easy to apply.
  • Non sag -Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in interior and exterior locations

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MasterTile 250 Technical Datasheet

pdf (151.61 Kb)