​MasterWeld 303 -

Versatile, solvent free, nail free fixing, construction adhesive


How does MasterWeld 303 work ?

MasterWeld 303 is a high grade acrylic adhesive and filler with excellent initial grab and a long term, strong, durable bond.

Recommended Uses :

  • MasterWeld 303 has been developed specifically for interior bonding of wooden thresholds, door frames, profiles, panels, ornaments, decorative trims.

  • For bonding chipboards and uPVC on brickwork, stone or concrete

  • Can be used as a crack filler prior to painting

  • Also suitable for EPS and XPS polystyrene foam

What makes MasterWeld 303 a unique solution ?

It cures through the evaporation of water and is odorless during cure. It can be painted, after full cure, with most water based and synthetic paints

What are the features and Benefits of MasterWeld 303 ?

  • Solvent free: odorless and suitability guaranteed for EPS and XPS
  • High initial grab for secure fixing
  • Easy to gun and apply
  • Water based: easy to clean
  • Non-corrosive on metals
  • Non sag formulation: for vertical and

    overhead use




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    MasterWeld 303 Technical Datasheet

    pdf (99.71 Kb)