​MasterWeld 909 - High tack, high strength, universal, power adhesive


How does MasterWeld 909 work ?

MasterWeld 909 is a high performance, construction adhesive, based on the latest hybrid technology. It provides exceptional initial grab
and a long term, strong, durable bond. It cures through the reaction with atmospheric moisture to a resilient elastic rubber capable of
withstanding significant loads.

Recommended Uses:

MasterWeld 909 has been especially developed as a universal power adhesive for bonding many building materials such as: stone, concrete,
mirrors, glass, plasterboard, polyurethane, uPVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium and other metals, stainless
steel, HPL and cement fiber panels.

What makes MasterWeld 909 a unique solution ?

It is able to provide permanent bonding, even to heavy building materials, on most substrates, without temporary bracing or support, thus saving significant time and money on the job site. It is free of isocyanates, phthalates, solvents and silicones and is thus almost odorless on cure


What are the Features & Benefits of MasterWeld 909 ?

  • Extreme high initial grab: can support heavy weights without temporary bracing or support
  • High ultimate strength and mechanical resistance: permanent, risk-free bonding
  • Excellent resistance to UV, weather and water: can be used internally or externally
  • Bonds perfectly on most substrates without primer: universally used
  • Damp tolerant: less risk for external use
  • Meets EMI Code EC1 Plus: zero emissions






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MasterWeld 909 Technical Datasheet

pdf (99.92 Kb)