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    Roof Waterproofing Guide - Nairobi, Kenya

    Durable Roofing Solutions with Liquid Resin Systems 

    Click here to Download Full Waterproofing Roof Guide for Kenya

    Any building needs an external protection just like a "skin" to avoid its deterioration through the effects of natural elements and weathering. As part of the building envelope, roofs have a decisive role in the durability of the structure as, being the top surface of the building, prevent water penetration through horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. All these factors make roofs as one of the most critical parts in a structure.

    This is the reason why roof leakages are often the most visible and commonly claimed for damage in a building as inadequate roofing affects the functionality of the entire structure.

    Roof protects not only the building itself but also the goods and the equipment installed below. This is why a good performance of the roof not only improves the durability of the building but also secures the investment in materials and production assets in industrial buildings.

    A durable roof waterproofing system which resists the temperature changes and environmental aggressions such as pollution and acid rain is therefore a vital part of the building envelope.

    MasterSeal® Roof systems form a fully bonded, seamless waterproofing membrane that avoids welds and seams that are typically the weaker spots in any waterproofing system. MasterSeal Roof systems can be installed on most substrates, including old concrete, built-up felt asphalt and timber substrates.

    MasterSeal® Roof systems allow for simple applications on roofs with build-ups, penetrations and complicated structures. Also leaking roofs can be repaired in many cases without removing the old waterproofing layer. This offers clear time and cost savings and reduces the costs for disposal of old membranes. 

    MasterSeal Liquid Roof Systems Advantages 

    Unlimited surfaces

    Liquid systems allow easy detailing creating a waterproof membrane around details quickly. 


    Long term service life

    MasterSeal® Roof systems can be applied on exposed surfaces exposed to a high range of temperatures, weathering and rain conditions. Long term durability in this conditions without rigidisation, softening or UV related damages. This special properties allow a service life up to 25 years.


    Easy detailing

    Liquid systems allow application of a continuous membrane on large surfaces without limitations. 


    Applicable in  shaped substrates

    Perfect forming in shaped surfaces. Spray applied systems can  be applied on horizontal, vertical and sloped surfaces.


    No disruption of  normal activities

    Business can proceed normally during application  of MasterSeal Roof systems. Conditioning systems  and/or installations can continue uninterrupted.



    Adding minimal dead load on the roofs. Only approx. 3 kg / m².


    For new and refurbished roofs

    Application is possible on any substrate type, even on existing roofs without the need of removal of previous waterproofing systems.


    Quick hardening

    Application of different parts of the system can proceed without delays or downtimes as spray applied membranes harden very quickly.


    Quick installation

    Application using spray equipment can achieve application yields up to 1,000 m² per day.