The MasterSeal Roof Systems Layout Guide 

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The MasterSeal® Roof waterproofing systems are composed of 3 product layers that are applied fully bonded on the substrate. The clever combination of these layers contributes to the performance and the durability of the system.

1.       MasterSeal® P primers - are an important component of the system to ensure the adhesion of the waterproofing system to all substrates. Fully bonded membrane systems prevent the water circulation between the layers even if there is a leakage, helping its detection, localization and repair. 

2.       MasterSeal® M membranes - provide waterproofing capacities to the system. Once cured, MasterSeal M membranes have high elasticity  and crack bridging properties, necessary to avoid  water leakages in case of moving cracks in substrates. Membranes can be one or two components and can  be spray or hand applied. 

3.       MasterSeal® TC Topcoats - protect the membrane from the action of weather and  UV light. Topcoats are optional in some cases but always contribute to improve the durability of the waterproofing system and the aesthetical appearance of the finished roof. 

4.       Substrate - MasterSeal Roof waterproofing systems can be applied, fully bonded, to most substrates including concrete, steel, cement screed, glass, reinforced polyester, timber etc. 


Spray Applied System

Hand Applied System


Click here to Download the Full Roof Waterproofing Guide for Kenya