​Risk Management: Master Builders Solutions Products for Successful Projects 

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This guide illustrates the waterproofing of different types of roofs. Whatever the area to be treated, several components are required. The right combination and compatibility are essential to ensure successful performance.

Based on our global knowledge of construction physics and our experience and track record in the repair and waterproofing of several structures, we know that Risk Management is a unique and relevant topic in the construction industry and requires reliability in all respects, including products, full system solutions (from membranes to detailing products), professional consultancy, approved and warrantied application, etc.

Causes of construction failures and the probability of their occurrence have been identified following several surveys  in Europe, resulting in four basic categories of deficiency: Design, Construction, Materials, Use and Maintenance.


To control these risks and secure their investment, owners, investors, general contractors and engineers first and foremost need complete waterproofing solutions supplied  by a reliable manufacturer with proven experience in Risk Management.

Risk Management provided by BASF focuses on reducing the probability of the occurrence of the causes that have been identified as damage generators:

  • Detailed analysis of needs and review of specifications and drawings to ensure perfect waterproofing.
  • Improving planning reliability of waterproofing installation objectives with defined product systems that include not only waterproofing membranes but also detailing such as joint treatment, crack injection, substrate repair, etc.
  • Ensuring greater certainty about technical application  and projected durability based on expert workmanship. 
  • Managing installation via BASF Licensed Contractors  and/or BASF Approved Applicators.


Our Master Builders Solutions experts solve challenges on jobsites worldwide. This is proven by our extensive list of job references.


Expertise in application 

Our applicators  following an intensive and continued training programme, offer the reliable and  professional application of systems. This ensures  the successful completion of jobs and, thus, long-term serviceable  structures.

Design and specification

Our Master Builders Solutions experts contribute to the analysis and design process, combining single products into complete system solutions.

Product systems 

Products with high performance characteristics are required in this and all other applications, but it is always essential that these products are designed and thus certified for the specific intended use. Our comprehensive range of waterproofing systems under the Master Builders Solutions is documented and certified in different countries worldwide for use in the waterproofing of different building areas.


We understand the necessary products and solution approach, including details (joints, transition points, penetrations, etc.) that are often neglected, although they represent the most vulnerable points.