​Green Sense Concrete

Green Sense Concrete is an optimized mixture program in which recycled cementitious and non-cementitious materials are used in combination with specially formulated BASF admixtures. The result is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective concrete that meets, and often exceeds, performance targets. The positive impact of using Green Sense Concrete on sustainability criteria is quantified by certified eco-efficiency analysis or life-cycle analyzer tool.

Why it’s a sustainable technology

  • Uses advanced mix optimization techniques to increase the amount of supplementary cementitious materials (ex. fly ash, slag cement)
  • Lowers energy demands, CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts per unit volume of concrete produced
  • Uses inert filler materials that may otherwise end up in landfills

Benefits of Green Sense Concrete:

Because Green Sense Concrete is optimized for cost and performance, many tangible benefits can be realized by the entire construction team.


  • Optimized and economical concrete composition cost
  • Faster truck discharge
  • Desired setting time, slump retention, and strength performance
  • No water needed at jobsite – less performance issues / callbacks due to water addition


  • Highly workable concrete
  • Good pumpability and finishing characteristics
  • Faster placement and production


  • Desired durability performance
  • Lower shrinkage and cracking potential
  • Contributes toward sustainability credit schemes

Environmental Agencies / Community

  • Less cement / CO2 / energy used per unit of concrete produced
  • Less by-product materials targeted for landfill