MasterLife WP 3760 - Crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete & mortars


MasterLife WP 3760 crystalline waterproofing powder admixture is an integral crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete. It is designed for use in above- and below-grade applications. 

Where is MasterLife WP 3760 waterproofing admixture for concrete and mortar is applied?

  • Building Basement and foundations
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Dams, canals, Tunnels, Harbours
  • Tunnel and subway systems
  • Water reservoirs
  • Concrete pipes 
  • Parking structures
  • Pre-Cast, Cast-in-Place and Shotcrete applications 
  • Swimming pools
  • Retaining walls & sea defense walls 

What are advantages of MasterLife WP 3760 waterproofing admixture?

  • Reduces penetration of water and other liquids
  • Can seal hairline cracks up to 0.4 mm.
  • Resists positive and negative side hydrostatic pressure
  • Protects against sewage and industrial wastes
  • Less expensive than traditional methods 
  • Added to the concrete at time of batching and therefore is not subject to climatic restraints

Product information

Technical Data Sheet

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