MasterTile 4 - A cementitious tile adhesive for ceramic tiles

How does MasterTile 4 work?

MasterTile 4 is a grey cementitious powder formulated as a high performance fixing adhesive for a wide range of ceramic tiling applications.

What is MasterTile 4 used for?

MasterTile 4 is used for ceramic wall and floor tiles in internal applications. MasterTile 4 may be employed with confidence in institutional or high traffic conditions. MasterTile 4 is suitable for use in kitchens, showers and wet process areas. For external applications use MasterTile 30.

What are the benefits of MasterTile 4?

MasterTile 4 is

  • Water resistant
  • Precision made.
  • Easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • For walls and floors
  • High adhesive bond strength.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

Specification Clause

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MasterTile 4 white SDS

pdf (108,93 Kb)

MasterTile 4_TDS

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