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Watson Bowman Acme Corp. is recognized as the worldwide leader in the innovation and development of expansion joints for the bridge construction industry, parking structures and architectural buildings. Using our leadership position in the bridge and parking structure markets, WBA has utilized its' design knowledge and world class manufacturing capabilities to provide a quality line of engineered expansion control systems for both interior and exterior applications for your project.

From simple, small-movement extruded joint seals, to the world's largest bridge structures requiring state-of-the-art large movement or seismically designed joint systems, Watson Bowman Acme has the expertise to meet your project needs. For Design, Innovation, Performance and Manufacture of Quality Expansion Control Systems, Watson Bowman Acme stands as a leader in the construction industry globally. From watertight parking structures to buildings which require expansion joint fire barrier systems, to multi-level segmental bridge structures with sound dampening features,

Watson Bowman Acme has the product - and for instances where none exist, we can custom design the product - to meet your specific project needs.

Watson Bowman Acme believes in collaboration with their valued customers and innovation to provide real value and engineered solutions supported by the best in class customer service that you would expect from a world class leader and BASF Company. Most Watson Bowman Acme products fall into the Wabo brand.

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Wabo products 

Wabo Elastodec E - Plain and laminated elastomeric bearings

WaboFlex REJ - Moulded rubber segmental expansion joint system

Wabodec P - Pot bearings

Wabocrete II - Solvent-free polyurethane mortar for expansion joint and bearing applications

Wabocrete II AE - Solvent-free polyurethane mortar for expansion joint

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