MasterAir 71 is an air entraining admixture for concrete to produce frost resistant concrete

Formerly Mischoel LP 71

What is and where to use MasterAir 71?

MasterAir 71 is an air-entraining admixture, which creates ultra-stable air bubbles that are strong, small and closely spaced. Those bubbles ensure that the concrete is able to withstand possible damages caused by frequent freezing-thawing.

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterAir 71?

  • Increased resistance to damage from freeze-thaw cycles and to scaling from de-icing salts;
  • Reduced permeability - increased water tightness;
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding;
  • Improved plasticity and workability;
  • Greatly improved stability of air entrainment;
  • Improved air-void system in hardened concrete;

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