MasterBrace ADH 1406 – epoxy based, repair and anchorage mortar

What is and where to use MasterBrace ADH 1406?

MasterBrace ADH 1406 is epoxy based repair, anchorage and adhesive mortar with two components.

MasterBrace ADH 1406 is used for:

  • Chemical anchoring in concrete and brick walls,
  • Repair and insulating of wide cracks,
  • Bonding of various types of construction materials such as steel, concrete, brick to each other,
  • Cap seal and entry ports installation in epoxy-polyurethane injection works,
  • Fixing the guard bars and seismic isolators to the bridges and viaducts,
  • Anchoring the rods and deformed bars to the concrete, stone or brick.

What makes MasterBrace ADH 1406 a unique solution?

  • Pasty consistency, easy to apply and non-sag properties in overhead applications.
  • Perfect adhesion to the concrete and steel.
  • Resists to chemicals.
  • Water and gas impermeable.
  • Perfect adhesion to the damp surfaces on concrete.
  • Solvent free.

Direct contact

Miras Turysbay

Product Manager

+7 701 730 92 48


MasterBrace ADH 1406 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (511.38 Kb)