MasterCast 797 - new versatile polycarboxylic ether polymers plasticizer

Formerly: RheoFIT 797

What is and where to use MasterCast 797?

MasterCast 797 is optimized for the production of pre-cast concrete, in particular cored slabs of concrete floors and paving blocks. MasterCast 797 has been specially developed for paving block and earth-dry cored slabs of concrete floors: new versatile polycarboxylic ether polymers plasticizer increases the rate of production and the degree of resilience to changing moisture content level.

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterCast 797?

  • Optimized design of the mixture;
  • Higher strength performance;
  • Increased productivity due to reduction of time intervals needed to care for concrete products;
  • High level of stability with respect to the changing moisture content in the mixture and consequently improved geometrical parameters.

Direct contact

Almasbek Botabekov


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