MasterFlow 402 – Epoxy Based Ultra High Strength Grout

What is and where to use MasterFlow 402?

MasterFlow 402 – is epoxy based grout and repair mortar with three components including well graded quratz aggregate.

MasterFlow 402 application areas are:

  • Repair of runways and track in airports,
  • Repair of concrete pavements,
  • Fixing of prefabricated beams in bridge joints,
  • Mounting heavy machines to the foundations,
  • Machine foundations under heavy dynamic loads,
  • Repair of crane runways and high strength required mountings,
  • Column-beam connections in the reinforced concrete bridge structures.
  • Mounting the steel columns to the reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete marine structures,
  • Repair of underground reinforced concrete structures,
  • Repair and insulating of wide cracks on vertical structural elements, beams and ceilings.

What are the advantages of MasterFlow 402?

  • Can be applied without primer.
  • Pourable.
  • Resists to chemicals.
  • High mechanical strengths.
  • High abrasion and impact resistance.
  • High bonding strength to the concrete and steel.
  • Long pot life.
  • Non-shrink.
  • Solvent free.

Direct contact

Miras Turysbay

Product Manager

+7 701 730 92 48


MasterFlow 402 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (450.55 Kb)