MasterRheobuild 181 A - is a composite of synthetic polymers and reagents that accelerate setting and hardening of concrete and does not contain chlorine

Formerly: Rheobuild 181 A

What is and where to use MasterRheobuild 181 A?

MasterRheobuild 181 A is giving rheoplastic properties to concrete, the use of current admixture enables the production of flowable concrete with a slump of up to 200 mm, easily flowing but at the same time free from segregation and having the same water-cement ratio with the concrete having a zero-slump (25 mm) without any chemical additives.

Could be used in:

  • Ready-mixed concrete and places of massive filling;
  • Pouring strong reinforce concrete andconcrete pumping;
  • When concrete is transported over long distances;
  • No risk of segregation and spreading;
  • Pouring concrete in cold climates;

Manufacture of reinforced concrete structures where early hardening and rapid acquisition of early strength are important parameters.

What are te major benefits of MasterRheobuild 181 A ?

  • Reduces the need for steam curing in the manufacture of precast concrete structures;
  • Strongly reduces the water content in the mixture;
  • Increases performance;
  • Contributes to high ultimate strength;
  • Eases pumping;
  • Creates a more solid, watertight concrete structure;
  • Increases the service life of concrete structures;
  • Facilitates easier removal of concrete forms.

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