MasterRheobuild 181 K - is a chloride free concrete admixture specially engineered for the production of rheoplastic concrete.

Formerly: Rheobuild 181 K

What is and where to use MasterRheobuild 181 K?

MasterRheobuild 181 K has the following properties:

If implemented with the low dosage rate it works as a normal plasticizer; and for high dosage rates it works as a superplasticizer: improves working qualities of a concrete; early strength gaining; water-resistant.

MasterRheobuild 181 K is used for:

  • the production of high quality ready-mix concrete;
  • concrete that is about to pumped;
  • concrete with reinforcement;
  • to avoid segregation and bleeding.

Direct contact

Almasbek Botabekov


+7 727 279 00 13-154


MasterRheobuild 181 K Technical Data Sheet

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