MasterSeal 915 – High strength flowable epoxy grout.

(Formerly: Masterflow 410 Plus)

What is and where to use MasterSeal 915?

MasterSeal 915 is a high performance non-shrink, solvent free epoxy resin grouting material for support and precision bearing of equipment and crane rails to ensure the proper transmission of static and dynamic loads to the foundations. These properties combined with its impermeability to moisture also make it ideal for pile cap waterproofing applications. MasterSeal 915 is specified for use in bridge construction where as part of an integrated system, it acts as a levelling medium and 'seat' for Wabodec and Elastodec bearings.

MasterSeal 915 application areas are:

  • Anchors, rails and bolt fixing
  • Crane and transporter rails.
  • New and old machine base plates.
  • Structural filling of holes and cavities in concrete.
  • Bridge bearing seats
  • Industrial equipment and machinery subject to static or dynamic forces.
  • Equipment where chemical and acid spillage occurs.
  • Pile cap waterproofing.  

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 915?

  • Versatile application thickness.
  • Can be used down to 10mm for pile cap waterproofing applications
  • No priming required.
  • High tensile, flexural and compressive strength.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
  • Rapid installation and strength gain to ensure early commissioning of equipment.
  • Excellent fatigue resistance.
  • Compatibility with equipment subject to extensive thermal movement.
  • High resistance to dynamic loads and chemical attack.
  • Non-shrink and tolerant of damp surfaces.

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Product Manager

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