MasterTile WP 665 is Cement Based Polymer Reinforced Single Component Water Insulation Material.

Formerly: YAPFFLEX 305

What is and where to use MasterTile WP 665?

MasterTile WP 665 is a cement based polymer reinforced single component rigid insulation material used on concrete curtains and cement based plasters, and applied from the inside or outside against leaking and normal pressure surface waters.

Fields of Application:

  • In inner and outer areas for vertical and horizontal applications.
  • In insulation of foundations. In supporting walls.
  • In water tanks.
  • In wet volumes like WC, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony.
  • In small terraces.
  • As water insulation material in small swimming pools and decorative pools.

What are the key benefits of MasterTile WP 665?

  • Easy to prepare and apply.
  • Applied by brush, trowel or spraying machine. Long working time.
  • Water vapor permeable.
  • Non-shrinking and non-cracking.
  • Resistant to freezing - thawing cycle. Can be safely used in drinking water tanks (has a test report).

Direct contact

Miras Turysbay

Product Manager

+7 701 730 92 48


MasterTile WP 665: Technical Data Sheet (January 2014)

pdf (331.96 Kb)