MasterTile WP 666 Multi purpose bonding agent for MasterTile 14 and MasterTile 15


What is and where to use MasterTile WP 666?

MasterTile WP 666 is a multi purpose bonding agent for MasterTile 14 and MasterTile 15 which improves the elasticity, waterproofing and bonding properties of the material. Also used as second component of MasterTile WP 665.

Fields of Application:

  • For interior and exterior application,
  • For walls and floors,
  • To be mixed with MasterTile 14 and MasterTile 15 to achieve better deformation properties,
  • For fixing of tiles on large areas and on substrates exposed to high temperature changes,
  • On floor heating system, balconies, terraces, pre-cast concrete elements, on facades and in swimming pools.

What are the key benefits of MasterTile WP 666?

  • Gives elasticity to tile adhesives, which can take expansion of substrates caused by temperature changes,
  • Good bonding properties improves the bonding strength on absorbent and non absorbent mineral substrates,
  • Water and frost resistant, universal, suitable for indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors,
  • Suitable to DIN 1322.


MasterTile WP 666: Technical Data Sheet (January 2014)

pdf (206.33 Kb)