Ucrete UD200 – Polyurethane Concrete Floor Coating

Where is Ucrete UD200 used?

Ucrete UD200 is used for the following areas under middle-heavy and chemical load, with long life and durable coating requirements:

  • Food, Medicine and Chemical Industries
  • Laboratories
  • Production Sites
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Packaging and Warehousing

What are the advantages of Ucrete UD200?

In addition to the general Features and Benefits of Ucrete coatings Ucrete UD200 has:

  • Thermal Resistance: 9 mm Ucrete UD200 coating forms a system which can work at +120oC constantly and is not influenced at +150oC for a short time.
  • Odourless: It is non solvent and odourless coating according to Campden and Chorleywood Food tests
  • Stroke Resistance: It has high resistance to point strokes with its high mechanical features due to Low Elasticity Module. It does not induce partial breakings and cracks under these impacts.
  • Non-Slipping: Ucrete UD200 non slipping features are in accordance with Health and Safety Executive Food Sheet No 22 and HSE Guidance Sheet 156. Ucrete UD200, preserves its non-slipping feature even under heavy traffic of heavy steel vehicles for long years.
  • Absorption: Ucrete UD200 has zero absorption according to the tests under CP. BM2/67/2.
  • Humidity Tolerance: Ucrete industrial floor coating are suitable to be applied on damp surfaces and can be used 7 day concrete or on the water-saturated old concretes on which steam stopper layer is applied.

Direct contact

Pavel Akulinin

Product Manager

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Ucrete UD200: Technical Data Sheet (August 2013)

pdf (325.50 Kb)