​MasterGlenium SKY – The Superplasticizer for Ready-Mix Concrete for Total Performance Control

How does MasterGlenium SKY work?

The particular configuration of the MasterGlenium SKY molecules allows their delayed absorption onto the cement particles and disperses them effectively over a long period of time. They leave sufficient area on the cement surface to allow a rapid hydration reaction, resulting in high early strength development.

As a result, our MasterGlenium SKY range better meets local requirements and conditions.

What makes MasterGlenium SKY a unique solution?

MasterGlenium SKY products offer a single, versatile admixture for many types of applications and conditions.

Compared to conventional PCE superplasticizers, our MasterGlenium SKY range enables ready-mix producers to optimize inventory, facilitate logistics and reduce investments in tanks and dispenser equipment, thus also decreasing maintenance costs.

MasterGlenium SKY products ensure a constant high-quality ready-mix concrete at a low water/ cement ratio and extended workability at high temperatures without delayed strength development, meeting the requirements of EN 206-1.

This new generation of superplasticizers guarantees a concrete that meets the original specification from the fresh to the hardened stage.

MasterGlenium SKY 8270

A super-plasticizer of a new generation based on modified polycarboxylic ether polymers

MasterGlenium SKY 8100

The particular molecular configuration of MasterGlenium SKY 8100 accelerates the cement hydration

MasterGlenium SKY 8379

For applications in the premixed and precast concrete industries where the highest durability and performance is required in conjunction with improved workability and finishing

MasterGlenium SKY 8700

One of the new generation superplasticisers with super retention technology

MasterGlenium SKY 8703

A new generation superplasticiser with super retention technology


MasterGlenium SKY 8333

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MasterGlenium SKY 8611

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MasterGlenium SKY 8705

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MasterGlenium SKY 8728

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MasterGlenium SKY 8759

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