MasterSeal M 820 - Spray applied elastomeric polymer waterproofing membrane

How does MasterSeal M 860 work?

MasterSeal M 820 is a solvent free, two component waterproofing membrane. Due to its fast cure speed it can only be applied by special, two component spray equipment. MasterSeal M 820 is intended for use in general waterproofing applications such as car park decks, podium decks and cut and cover tunneling.

What makes MasterSeal M 820 a unique solution?

MasterSeal M 820 features a fast reacting spray application making complex details both horizontal and vertical easy to waterproof

What are the benefits of MasterSeal M 820?

  • Application to vertical surface without runs – installation to walls not problem
  • Monolithic – no laps, welds or seams
  • Fully bonded – moves with the structure
  • High water vapour permeability – low risk of blistering in service
  • Crack bridging capability – can cope with cracks that occur after installation
  • Solvent and monomeric isocyanate free – increased safety for applicators
  • Unaffected by standing water or ground water – suitable for constant water contact
  • Thermoset – does not soften at elevated temperatures encountered on a roof
  • Remains elastic at low temperatures-Tg approx. -45°C – suitable for all Asia Pacific climates


MasterSeal M 820: Technical Data Sheet

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