MasterBrace LAM - High Strength and High Modulus Unidirectional Pultruded Carbon Fiber Laminates for strengthening reinforced concrete structures

How does MasterBrace LAM work?

MasterBrace LAM is high strength or high modulus unidirectional pultruded carbon fiber laminates in MasterBrace FRP System.

Why is MasterBrace LAM a unique solution?

  • Increasing flexural strength of concrete beams
  • Increasing flexural strength of concrete slabs under heavy machine loads
  • Increasing rigidity of beams and slabs against bending deformations
  • Increasing flexural strength of concrete slabs damaged with ventilating channel openings, stairs and elevator holes etc
  • Increasing flexural strength of concrete beams and slabs under increased service loads (change of usage etc.)
  • Decreasing disturbing effect of vibrations on concrete slabs caused by mechanical equipment

Where can MasterBrace LAM be applied ?

  • Light and easy to carry
  • Easy to cut and re-shape
  • Easy to design (Unidirectional laminates and similar elasticity modulus with steel)
  • Does not increase the dead load of the structure
  • Decreases the bending deformations in the slabs and beams
  • Flexible application method allows building operation to continue

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

Specification Clause

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