MasterCast 910 - Air-entraining liquid mortar plasticiser

How does MasterCast 910 work?

MasterCast 910 is a liquid ultra stable 'micro' air entraining mortar plasticiser, designed to enhance the workability of brick and block laying and plastering mortars. MasterCast 910 is designed to cope with variations in cement and aggregate sources and quality.

What is MasterCast 910 for?

MasterCast 910 is an admixture for mortars that improves the workability of bricklaying and plastering mortars.

What are MasterCast 910 main advantages?

  • Ultra stable bubble structure.
  • Uniform air entrainment.
  • Compatible with most types of Portland cement and difficult sands.
  • Reduced segregation and bleed.
  • Greatly improved plasticity.
  • Reduced permeability.
  • Non corrosive to embedded metals.
  • Easier and faster mortar spread.
  • Reduces incidence of efflorescence in mortar.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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