MasterEmaco N 202 A cementitious two component polymer modified fairing coat and re-profiling mortar

How does MasterEmaco N 202 work?

MasterEmaco N 202 is a single component acrylic modified blowhole filler and re-profiling mortar for cosmetic repairs to concrete; It can be applied at a thickness between 0 to 3mm.

MasterEmaco N 202 is a polymer modified blend of Portland cements and selected aggregates. The pre-packed component requires only the addition of mixing water and on-site mixing to produce a creamy, easily applied mortar. MasterEmaco N 202 is specially formulated to produce a shrinkage compensated mortar with no cracking when applied in a thin section on a prepared concrete substrate; the subsequent adhesion to the concrete is excellent.

What is MasterEmaco N 202 used for?

MasterEmaco N 202 is used as fairing coat to create a uniform surface over blemishes in concrete surfaces such as:

  • slight honeycombing,
  • blowholes,
  • sand runs,
  • grout loss
  • and other defects due to formwork or falsework movement.

What are the benefits of MasterEmaco N 202?

MasterEmaco N 202 offers the following advantages to the applicator and the end user:

  • Precision made, consistent results.
  • Shrinkage compensated.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Smooth, easy to finish.
  • Low permeability.
  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw action.

Product Information

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