MasterFinish SRT 426 -Solvent free surface deactivator (Surface Retarder) for negative application for the manufacturing of exposed aggregate concrete

What is MasterFinish SRT 426?

MasterFinish SRT 426 is an aqueous dispersion of high-grade active components free of organic solvents. After application it forms a soft but stable film on the formwork. After demoulding the film remains on the concrete surface or on the formwork where it can be removed easily. 

Which are the main benefits of MasterFinish SRT 426?

MasterFinish SRT 426 gives an improved exposed surface of concrete. Due to its low viscosity it is easy to apply, economical in use and very reliable even under difficult application conditions. It dries quickly, is resistant against humidity and abrasion and can be applied on all types of clean formwork/moulds.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterFinish SRT 426_TDS

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