MasterGlenium 119W- Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete


MasterGlenium 119W is an innovative latest
generation superplasticizer based on
polycarboxylic ether (PCE) polymers, and is
specially engineered for ready-mix concrete.
MasterGlenium 119W is differentiated from
conventional superplasticisers, such as those
based on sulphonated naphthalene
formaldehyde condensate in that it is based on a
unique carboxylic ether polymer with long lateral
chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion.
At the start of the mixing process the same
electrostatic dispersion occurs but the presence
of the lateral chains, linked to the polymer
backbone, generate a steric hindrance which
stabilises the cement particles capacity to
separate and disperse.
This mechanism provides flowable concrete with
greatly reduced water demand.

How does MasterGlenium119W work?

MasterGlenium 119W is used for the production
of high quality ready-mix concrete.

What are the advantages of MasterGlenium119W?

The ready-mix producer:
  • Capability of delivering high performance concrete at any time to the job site in place
  • Production of a concrete with low water cement ratios with excellent workability retention properties.
  • Single product for many application needs
The contractor / applicator:
  • Easier placing and faster strength development
  • Improved concrete surfaces
The engineer:
  • Insurance that concrete meets original specification
  • High quality durable concrete

Product Information

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