MasterLife SF 100 - Silica fume mineral admixture 


MasterLife SF 100 is a dry, compacted, silica fume mineral admixture formulated to produce concrete with special performance qualities. It improves the hardened characteristics of concrete in two main ways. 

Where is MasterLife SF 100 applied?

MasterLife SF 100 is an ideal product for use in basement structures, parking decks, bridge decks, marine structures, and any construction that requires the protection provided by impermeable concrete. It allows for design flexibility, resulting in reduced member size, increased span lengths, and improves overall structural economics which strengthen concrete. 

What are the advantages of MasterLife SF 100?

MasterLife SF 100 aids in the production of concrete with the following special qualities: 

  • Dramatically improved durability
  • Uniformly high compressive strength
  • Abrasion and erosion protection
  • Better flexural strengths at all ages
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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